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How To Prepare For The Honeymoon

Admin,6 October 2022

Honeymoon is to celebrate newlyweds after their wedding, A lot of couple plan their honeymoon for a long time just to make sure all things will go their way. This time, Bali Holiday Rental team will help you what to do, how to plan it, and where to go for your Honeymoon or any other romantic event, and hopefully this blog can make you to prepare your next Honeymoon activities.

  • Where to Start

    You can start by looking for the place that you really want to visit. Of course some country if different than others, so it really depends on how do you want to experience your honeymoon. If you want to experience a traditional culture that still continue for a long time, we suggest you to visit Asia Country such as Indonesia, Japan or Korea. If you want to experience a luxury, over the top honeymoon we suggest you to visit European country such as France or Italy.

    There will be some negative and positive side to the country that I just mention above, from how easy to prepare your honeymoon, how things will cost, and facilities or Activities that you want to experience. Quite a lot of couple choose to have their honeymoon in Bali, that’s because Bali provide things that most of Asian country provide and have a mix of western and eastern influence, that make visitors from other country easy to adapt unlike Japan.

  • Where to Stay

    Next will be where do you want to stay. Villa or Hotel. If you want to have private place and doesn’t want to be bother by other people we suggest you stay at the Villa. And if you want to have tons of activities, meet other people, and possibly have a room with wide view, hotel is the choice for you. Our recommendation will be Villa called Berry Amour Romantic Villa. This is the villa created specifically for those who want to have honeymoon. Berry Amour have a lot of different Activities and Offer for those who want to have romantic activities or romantic room set up such as Romantic Dinner to Room Decoration with flower petals.

  • How Can Your Prepare Your Honeymoon

    Most of the time the concierge team will prepare your request, so the only thing you need to have is the list of activities that you would like to do, from a romantic Dinner, visiting a specific restaurant, or having an event that you would like to have, we suggest you contact one organizer to make things easier for you such as BVR. BVR is one of the organizer that we would like to recommend, starting from choice of place that you would like to stay, tons of choices for activities to the event of your choice, Integrated service company such as BVR will be a solid choice for you.

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