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How To Prepare Your Fist International Trip

Admin, 15 September 2022

When planning for a trip abroad for the first time, sometimes It can be overwhelming. Some people will bring everything that they have because they afraid they will forget to bring something. Other people will try to pack as less as possible just because they don't want to carry everything. Instead of thinking of what you should bring. Here are the list of mandatory things that you should consider to bring for your trip.

  • 1. Proper Documentation.

    Surprisingly, there’s a lot of people that doesn’t know what is the proper documentation for traveling. The most important one will be your identification such as Passport and Visa, check the expiry date of your passport and check if you have proper visa such as travel visa or working visa, you could also apply for travel insurance. Without travel insurance, disruptions to your trip can end up costing you a fortune

  • 2. Rules And regulation

    Some country have different law, rules and regulation. Knowing the basic law will definitely help you. some country have difference culture as well, especially there's a big different of culture between Asia and Europe. You should know the basic such as what is the legal drinking age in country, and if the country that you are visiting is allowed gambling if you bring any medicine you should also bring a copy of prescription, when its your time to go to the airport.

  • 3. Currency

    Some country have different currency than other country. knowing the different of value will help you for any kind transaction, you should also check you debit or credit card will it work properly. and you should check nearby ATM that is compatible with your card in case you need cash for emergency purposes

  • 4. Communication

    The next thing that we suggest you to check is communication, whether the app or the hardware it self. some country ban certain app, as well certain feature in the app as well. did you know that in Dubai, you cannot make video or voice call with whats-app in Dubai ? other app does have working feature for video and voice call but whats app doesn't. you should also start looking for ways to communicate with the locals, maybe through Guide, Apps, or you can learn the basic of a language by your self.

  • 5. Others

    Those are the most important thing that you should prepare when going abroad. we have additional tips as well to help you pack more properly. instead of bringing the charger with the one that you already have. you should check first if the country that you visit, have the same type of charging outlet for your electronic. In some country, the majority transportation that they have in some cases will drastically different with other country. with that being said, when you book for a motorcycle transport, you will probably doesn't want to bring a lot of stuff with you, since you will not have the space for it.

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