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Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bali

Admin, 15 September 2022

There are 3 main questions tourists asked about Bali so we are here to answer those question, and hopefully with these answer we can fulfill your curiosity !

  • 1. Why should we go to Bali ?

    A lot of people cannot understand why Bali is the best place for your trip instead of other place such as Hawaii or Mexico. First of all, you should know the currency of Indonesia. Compared to other country, 1 dollar is equal 14,917 rupiah! what you can do with 15.000 Rupiah you asked ? you can buy one of the most popular food in Indonesia and that is nasi goreng, bakso, and many more. you can find small food shop or also warung on the side of the road for such a cheap price. And for most of the time, you will not be the only tourist that is trying to explore Bali as well, there are many tourists and traveler from all around the world that want to experience what have to offer.

  • 2. What Bali Have to Offer ?

    If you never visit Bali before this question must have come across your mind. what else beside beaches that we can find in Bali ? the answer is a lot. Did you know according to Wikipedia 83.5% of Balinese people follow Hinduism and there are 5 main religion in Indonesia. So not only you will see one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, you will also see a lot of new culture and tradition. We also have other beautiful natures beside beaches, And we have many eye-watering waterfalls, breathtaking mountain, amazing rice fields scenery,and many Hindus temples. Because Bali have variety of nature, you will have tons of activity as well. Such as hiking, surfing, snorkeling, dirt biking and many more.

  • 3. How friendly Balinese people ?

    First of All. there are 5 common religion in Indonesia, there are so many language in Indonesia! there is a common problem in Indonesia where sometimes it's quite hard for Indonesian to understand other Indonesian. What i'm trying to say is because of the diversity In Indonesia, we are always taught to respect and be nice to other people. that's part of the 5 principle in Indonesia. So i can guarantee you not only we nice to other people that come from different island, we also respect foreigners and tourists

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