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BVR Bali Holiday Rentals

We are the management team behind the Major International Hospitality Brands. Our mandate of success is to be the management team and operator of the major brand names we have all come accustom too by their large marketing budgets and international exposure of properties. Over the years we have now prepared ourselves to bring this exceptional skill into the market of the smaller properties. This brings a large added value not seen in the smaller market place of holiday villa rentals.

Our Company

BVR Hospitality Management

BVR Bali Holiday rentals is a blend of very unique specialized skills. With a combined Hospitality knowledge base of over 100 years with Global experience which includes major hotel brands we bring the best of systems and skills to the management and service of every small project we encounter. We have the skill set to manage a single villa to a large 500 room branded hotel. Our resources and knowledge into the Online Booking engines, the agreements and skills with all our Booking agents both locally and International is the highest in the industry. Our talented team negotiates the best arrangements in all areas including reducing operational costs and other costs which directly affect the GOP for both our large managed hotels right down to our single villas. BVR Bali Holiday Rentals truly is different in all the right ways.

Our Company

We Are Super Professional

The experience we have assembled at BVR Bali Holiday Rentals truly has a keen eye and skill set into the ever complicated and ever evolving environment of Holiday rentals. With our extensive exposure into the larger management market we are able to bring the best exposure to every property that uses our service. We not only have the tools to manage villas and smaller projects but we bring those properties into the same hospitality space as our larger properties which we often manage for major International brands. Our ability to attract maintain and educate our hospitality teams has set us apart from all the other smaller management companies. We not only have the International exposure but we pride ourselves on maintaining the one on one customer relationships which are never to be ignored.

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